Ottawa Association of Registered Natural Nutritionists

What is OARNN?

The Ottawa Association of Registered Natural Nutritionists is a
non-profit, volunteer organization, founded in March 2011


The group was created to help each of us build our practice in
order to attract new clients, keep clients, and bring in more
revenue. But more importantly, to provide a support network for
practicing holistic nutritionists. It is this support network
that will support each other’s successes and to help
create awareness about Holistic nutrition. In order for the
group to be successful, the group is centred on a shared
collective of knowledge and resources (recipes, protocols, case
studies, partnerships, referrals, etc).


  • To become an OARNN member, you must be a practicing
  • If you are a recent graduate, we invite you to attend one
    meeting to see if you’d like to become an active OARNN
  • If you are not actively practicing, and you would still like
    to come to meetings and be an active part of OARNN, we only
    ask that you find ways to contribute, either through personal
    experience, previous work experience or any life experiences
    that you may have encountered. We all have value, and
    OARNN’s success depends on its members working together.

Examples of some the OARNN Potential Topics of Discussions:

  • Successful Protocol programs used (Example: Weight loss, Candida, Detox, etc.)
  • Keeping clients
  • Report Design and Presentation
  • The importance of Assessment Tools
  • How to use the “Meet and Greet”
  • Successful Advertising
  • Setting Goals and How to Achieve these goals (i.e. Number of
    clients per week)
  • Resources available to help practitioners flourish in practice
    (Seminars, workshops, etc.)
  • Teaching presentations by fellow nutritionists.


  1. Hello again Tracy. How do I apply for a password so I have access to the documents on the website. Please let me know what I need to do to join the group. Thanks. Dianne

    • Hi Dianne – to have access to the meeting minutes, you must at least attend one meeting. Can you come to the December meeting?

    • Hi Tracy. Unfortunately I won’t be able to make it to the meeting tonight after all. Looking forward to meeting you in the New Year.

      Have a safe and Happy Holiday.


  2. Hi Dianne – To gain access to the password protected information you have to at least attend one meeting either via skype or in person. Thanks, Tracy

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